Universal Healthcare

The United States according to Bloomberg, Graph 2, is #44 on the list of Efficient Health Care Around the World.  Infographics, Figures 2 & 3, shows that the US's % of GDP per capita is more than 17% (Efficient Score 20-40), whereas Australia, which does have Universal Healthcare is showing 7% - 10% (Efficient Score 80). The Legatum Propsperity Index 2016, Tables 1, has the United States rated at 32 in Health--Luxembourg is 1st. Our World in Data, Graph 1, shows that the United States' healthcare costs are continuing to grow while the Life Expectancy is the lowest of all the countries.

Wikipedia, Figure 1, has 58 countries with legislation mandating universal health care. ExpatHealth, Figure 4, shows Nations with some type of universal health care system, and Nations attempting to obtain universal health care.

Efficient Universal Healthcare will not be as costly as some fear, if it implemented in an efficient manner as other countries are showing that it can be done. It is only 9% of Australia's GDP, according to Wikipedia, where it is a combination of government funding and private health insurance.

Graph 1
List of countries with universal health care - Wikipedia

     58 countries with legislation mandating universal health care, along with > 90% health insurance coverage, and > 90% skilled birth attendance.
Figure 1
Most Efficient Health Care Around the World - Bloomberg

Graph 2
The Most Efficient Health Care Systems In The World (INFOGRAPHICS) - Huffinton Post

Figures 2 & 3

Tables 1
Which countries offer universal healthcare? - ExpatHealth.org

Figure 4